Snead Island garbage 'picker' is inspirational

February 25, 2014 

While walking on Snead Island a few weeks ago, I ran into an older gentleman who at a distance I thought was carrying a tackle box and fishing rod.

When we were closer, it was obvious that he was carrying a bucket full of trash and a "picker" instead.

I found out that he walks Snead Island every day, and during his walks he picks up trash thrown from cars the day before. He fills the bucket with trash on every walk every day.

Since then, I've run into him six or eight times. Our morning walks seem to coincide.

He always has his bucket and "picker." His bucket is always full.

The last time was on one of the Emerson Point trails. He again had his full bucket of trash.

I talked about others doing the same thing and that I was going to start carrying a grocery bag to collect trash in.

He mentioned, "Yeah, I've heard there's someone even carrying a picker, but no bucket. He carries a bag. He's not a professional ... like me!"

And then I heard him laugh and saw the biggest smile I have seen in a long time.

What a wonderful example of pride in community and unselfish community service. In this world of "tossers," we could certainly use a lot more "pickers."

My hat is off to the Professional Picker of Snead Island.

Dave Bowen


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