Naked man walks along Miami highway; motorists get eyeful

February 24, 2014 

Motorists on the Rickenbacker Causeway got an eyeful on Sunday: A naked man walking toward downtown Miami. (Photo has been edited to cover the man) FRANCESCA FERRANTE / COURTESY via Miami Herald.

Motorists on the Rickenbacker Causeway in Miami Sunday afternoon got an eyeful - and it wasn’t the breathtaking waterfront view.

A naked man, within view of east and west traffic, was seen walking on the bridge headed toward downtown Miami.

It’s unclear how the man got on the bridge, or if he was making a statement.

“We were just driving by, and there he was: A totally naked man; we couldn’t believe it at first,” said Francesca Ferrante, who had her mother in the car, headed to the St. Sophia Greek Festival in Miami.

Ferrante, a Key Biscayne resident, snapped a picture of the man and sent it to Miami Herald. (The newspaper edited the photo to cover part of the man’s nakedness.)

The snapshot, taken from behind, shows the man on the bridge, the downtown Miami skyline in the background.

Drivers apparently called police. Within minutes, Miami-Dade units arrived at hauled the unidentified man away, Ferrante said.

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