Longtime smokers can benefit from e-cigarettes

February 24, 2014 

I was really surprised when I read the Feb. 21 article on the e-cigarette and that minors could purchase them. I would have thought with the nicotine in them they would be considered the same as real cigarettes.

E-cigarettes have been a real lifesaver for me. Unlike my wife, who threw her cigarettes in the trash almost 20 years ago and never smoked again, I don't have her willpower.

For years my doctor kept telling me to stop smoking. Along with the coughing and hacking, I had a lasting case of bronchitis that I was seeing him for almost once a month.

Then, while shopping one day, I decided to try the e-cigarette. Now, mind you, I have been a smoker for over 50 years. I bought a brand called N-joy, which looked and felt like a real cigarette and satisfied my craving for smoking.

It's been over a year now and health wise my doctor is overjoyed. No more coughing, no more trips to the doctor for bronchitis. My wife is happy. No more cigarette smell in the house or car. No second-hand smoke to hurt anyone else.

The reason I like this brand is because as far as I know it's the only one that you can cut down on the nicotine amount. You can step down to zero nicotine and just smoke vapor. So it does offer the chance to quit all together.

Robert O'Neill


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