Allan Napier not given credit for rescuing ailing dogs

February 23, 2014 

A year ago I was looking for a second adult rescue dog. I went online to view multiple local private rescue facilities, and found an adult dog of the type I was looking for.

I made contact with Allan Napier and made arrangements to immediately go out to his facility and meet him and the dog. Upon arriving, I was met by Allan and Buddy, a fox terrier who seemed to be in good health and clean yet not freshly bathed or groomed but no fleas or ticks, but nails trimmed within a week or two and proper medical records along with chip-implant identification papers.

Allan explained how they operated, and what I soon realized is that every dog they had there would have been dead if not for his work, as all were taken from high kill facilities. A year later Buddy is a happy, healthy dog and I am happy to have found him.

I will never defend those who intentionally abuse animals, but the reports I read about Napier's fail to talk about the conditions that these animals arrived in, and they sure do not mention that every one of the dogs would have been killed by other facilities long ago.

I am bothered that there is a rush to condemn him in the media, assisted by some in well-funded shelters. There is no doubt in my mind that Allan Napier was trying to do the right thing; just maybe at worse he got in over his head.

I am truly sorry that animals may have suffered, but I do not believe Allan Napier is cruel and uncaring and the scathing attacks are simply far too intense.

I thank Allan Napier and his family for savings Buddy's life, just one of the hundreds they saved and found homes for.

Paul Sloan


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