Florida wrong to meddle in Chesapeake Bay water fight

February 23, 2014 

The plutocrats in Tallahassee are at it again. It seems that even with all the problems we have in our state, our governor and attorney general have time to meddle in someone else's problems. I am referring to the clean-up plan for Chesapeake Bay.

I guess losing their fight against Obamacare in the courts wasn't enough for them so they decided to get involved in someone else's fight. But they are not on the side of the angels this time either since they are against the clean water regulations.

Maybe the special interests who bankroll their campaigns are getting worried that this thing could snowball into an actual clean water act for Florida. Heaven forbid that we should regulate the polluters who foul up our waters that all our citizens enjoy.

These same politicians are up for re-election and probably hoping their Tea Party friends will back them up this time, too, but they were no help in the last election so I wouldn't count on them.

The gang in Tallahassee is probably figuring out new ways to keep a lot of Floridians from voting this election like they tried and failed to do the last time. The solution to getting re-elected is simple: just start representing all the people instead of the wealthy special interests, and then you will not need new gimmicks to keep people from voting.

Many of them don't deserve to be re-elected from either party.

And, no, I am not a socialist or a bleeding-heart liberal but I vote for Republicans as well as Democrats, and I always vote for the best candidate, not the party they belong to. Try it some time, you might like the results.

William E. Moore


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