County's feral cat policy harms some neighborhoods

February 20, 2014 

Some residents in this Trailer Estates neighborhood are using animal traps to try to catch roaming feral cats.TIFFANY TOMPKINS-CONDIE/Bradenton Herald


The many Letters to the Editor about feral cats brought back memories of the county commission meeting the night they approved the feral cat program for Manatee County. At that meeting, a coop board member and I represented the property owners in Tropic Isles Mobile Home Park, which is a 55-plus pet friendly community.

We presented some information that was not accepted or at the very least would not change their vote. We did not think it would and were not under any illusion that it would.

What we asked for was exception for any 55-plus community, and there are some communities that do not want to have or care for feral cats. We are pet friendly with many rules. Both cats and dogs are to be walked with a leash for one.

Do not laugh, as my neighbor walks her cat attached to leash, which is nothing but a piece of string but he walks nicely with her.

Then there are 55-plus communities that do not welcome cats and dogs because the folks there do not want cats and dogs.

Somehow, elected officials, once they take their chairs, think they are blessed with the Wisdom of Solomon. They really do not care about those who have other ideas.

The cost of the program as I see it does not increase because some communities do not want feral cats. Take feral cats of those who do not want feral cats to those that like feral cats.

Oh, by the way, commissioners, I do not see rabbits anymore, nor do many of neighbors. There are very few birds in my holly berry tree as compared to previous years. My fruit trees are a community toilet for feral cats.

I do pray that the Wisdom of Solomon could be a blessing for you all.

Leonard Krueger


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