Senior drivers don't deserve stricter rules

February 19, 2014 

Some editorial comments have been about tightening up drivers licensing for senior citizens, in light of a recent accident. I beg to differ.

Society decides how much risk to take on its citizens. Contrary to one commenter, the biggest risk is with teenagers just getting licensed, which is why their insurance rates are much higher than those charged to seniors.

If we are willing to bear the risk of new drivers, it seems we should be willing to bear the risk of drivers at the other end of rainbow as well, especially because this is a mecca for seniors and losing the independence of driving is a huge deal.

So, too, is the suggested burden of everyone getting retested and retested and going through more bureaucratic nightmares.

Here is a suggestion: Keep the vision retest at age 80, makes perfect sense, and certify that those with disabled permits can operate their vehicles safely.

The good news is that the automotive technology to avoid a lot of these kinds of accidents is well under way. We are subject to the law of averages in all that we do in life, and it is not a perfect world.

By the way, I was struck from behind by a doctor who fell asleep at the wheel after an all-night shift. Just saying.

Phil Moore


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