Public, beware of Common Core, decline of education

February 19, 2014 

In an article written by Bruce Deitrick Price for the American Thinker, Price states Common Core was sold to the public as a way to improve public schools. Public beware.

He goes on to say Common Core locks in place bad ideas that has plagued education for decades, such as sight-words in reading, Reform Math curricula in arithmetic, Constructivism in the teaching of knowledge, and many other failed theories and methods taught by beloved left-wing professors for over 60 years.

The article states Common Core State Standards give the federal bureaucrats more power and this means school board members will have less flexibility, possibly they could be disbanded all together. It's everything a totalitarian government wants and progressive love it.

Here in Florida, the public has been told repeatedly the standards are a "state-led" initiative. However, David Axelrod, one of the President Obama's senior advisers, made a speech at the University of Illinois in Chicago which was recorded and he stated, "Obama's administration initiated Common Core." No longer can the federal government say it is state initiative.

The Florida Department of Education, in their great wisdom, decided to take former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee's recommendation to "rebrand it, refocus it, but don't retreat" and that's what they did. Florida now has changed from Common Core to the "Next Generation Sunshine State Standards." Why? Because the public was on to them and so they started their shell games.

Is Common Core, or whatever the FDOE is calling it these days, a Pandora's box?

Common Core or the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards is like Obamacare: too much regulation, too much government power and soon to be to many poor results in our children's education.

Peggy Martin

East Manatee

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