Why Obama administration hasn't been good for U.S.

February 18, 2014 

A recent letter to the editor by Rick Lewis talks about blame and Republicans taking responsibility for what occurred during the Bush administration.

Most of the things that the Democrats complain about were their own fault.

I would ask at what point do the Democrats take responsibility for things that have occurred during this administration? After all, Obama has been in office for over five years.

I will list a few of the failures:

1. Bringing our troops home ... We still have many there.

2. Closing Guantanamo ... Still open.

3. Being the most transparent ... Never happened.

4. Benghazi ... Tried to hide the real reason behind the attack and murders.

5. IRS scandal.

6. Close tax loopholes for corporations.

7. Provide aid in a timely manner for Hurricane Sandy.

8. Allowing the reduction in our credit rating.

9. Increasing the national debt more than any other administration in history.

10. Having the longest high unemployment in history.

Now I could go on and list more but I think that you get the idea that this administration has not been good for America.

Tom Harry


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