Bush years not remembered correctly, as history shows

February 18, 2014 

Writer Donald Doherty accuses progressives of blaming Bush for our problems, saying that progressives have a "short memory." Sorry, Mr. Doherty, you are the one with the selective memory!

One example: You said that under Bush we "were keeping radical Islam at bay." Apparently you forgot 9/11, which happened under Bush's watch. The Bush administration ignored ample and specific warnings from our intelligence. Result: 3,000 people killed, the worst terrorist attack in our history.

You also give Bush credit for a booming economy and high employment, another memory not fitting the facts. The recession started before President Obama's election. One of the first things Obama did was implement a bank bailout set up by Bush. (Bank bailouts are unnecessary in a booming economy.)

Then Obama saved our auto industry and eased other consequences of Bush's recession, keeping it from becoming a full-blown depression. His administration has seen steady job growth, spending of less new money than other presidents, and a steadily decreasing deficit.

Our seeming debt increase is because of obligations Bush incurred. If you recall, he was the first president in history to give a huge tax cut to the wealthy while starting two wars not even in the budget. Obama added the war expenses into the budget for accuracy and transparency. But that wasn't new spending by Obama!

If there are things you don't like about Obama's administration, whose fault is that? The GOP had decided even before Obama's inauguration that their first goal was blocking anything Obama tried to do, more important than working with Democrats to solve problems.

By the way, Obama has not blamed Bush. He focuses on solving problems instead of assigning blame. But when conservatives rewrite history to blame Obama for everything started by Bush, than a little re-assigning of blame is in order.

Myra Jones


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