Manatee County animal sanctuary cannot escape troubling questions

February 16, 2014 

There is a saying among those associated with animal welfare: It's all about the animals. It was my hope that the Napiers would be "all about the animals" and immediately relinquish ownership after the seizure at their property so that all of the animals could quickly move to the next phase of their lives.

Unfortunately, they have refused to do so, as reported in the newspaper, and there are now approximately 200 dogs in limbo for an undetermined length of time, and during which time there will be 200 spaces unavailable to help other dogs in need.

The Napiers' attorney asks us not to pass judgment, but it is hard not to when one questions:

Why would you continue to take in animals when you cannot provide for their needs? Why would you take in animals that are already sick and injured (as your attorney contends) and not provide veterinary care? Why are all of the dogs flea and tick infested and full of a variety of parasites if you are providing for them?

A hoarder is a hoarder and good intentions do not negate the results of one's actions.

If the Napiers continue to refuse to be "all about the animals," then the rest of us will need to continue to step up and assist in any way that we can. As a community, we can do this.

Jane Springrose


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