An outrageous letter on marijuana legalization

February 16, 2014 

Coming from someone who's never tried pot and won't even when it's legal, this is in response to Mr. Morgan Stinemetz's recent letter about airline flights originating in places where marijuana has been de-criminalized.

He promoted videotaped strip searches of passengers arriving from the "lawless" (his word) states of Washington and Colorado. I suggest Stinemetz himself avoid flying from either location should his extreme measure ever come to pass.

His letter also stated that the War on Drugs "was starting to work," but he contradicted that with a phrase that followed; "after 40 years and billions of dollars." Any law enforcement plan taking that long and costing that much can't be considered successful.

Stinemetz must not be aware of the growing outcry across this country for the termination of that failed program.

The contradictions of Stinemetz's letter continued with his calling pot an "obviously dangerous drug," while following with his admittance that "there is no record of anyone dying from smoking pot."

He goes on to say "this country cannot effectively tax pot sales ... like it can tobacco and alcohol." Really; why not?

And as I interpreted his next sentence, Mr. Stinemetz feels that alcohol and tobacco having "killed citizens right and left" is "just a rumor." I'm sure the AMA, insurance companies and the U.S. surgeon general would strongly disagree.

But to his defense, Mr. Stinemetz ends his outrageous letter in a humorous fashion. First, he suggests that "the munchies," a pot-induced craving for sweets, may be a cause of obesity in the U.S., McDonald's, et al, notwithstanding.

So, of the 68 percent of overweight citizens (35 percent of which are clinically obese), a great many must be marijuana users, according to Mr. Stinemetz. Facing those huge numbers, it's no wonder the War on Drugs has failed.

Robert Kushner


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