'GH': Duke attempts to reconcile with Anna on Valentine's Day

Creators SydicatedFebruary 16, 2014 

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Maya is put on the spot when confronted by Carter and their friends about setting a date for their pending nuptials. Thinking that he is going to be fired for witnessing a moment between Katie and Ridge, Liam is pleasantly surprised when quite the opposite happens. When confronted by Liam about her feelings for Ridge, a flustered Katie denies it. Brooke remains optimistic that she and Ridge will soon reunite. Knowing that Liam is onto their growing feelings for each other, Katie and Ridge agree not to act on their emotions. Brooke says Bill's contention that Ridge had a gay lifestyle when he was in Paris is preposterous. Katie urges Ridge to reunite with Brooke and to put their broken family back together. Bill and Quinn briefly set aside their animosity for each other to discuss personal and family matters. Quinn and Bill's moment of civility quickly comes to an end when she strikes a sensitive nerve with him regarding his personal life. Liam attempts to encourage Katie to stop putting others first and start acting on her feelings for Ridge. With Valentine's Day just hours away, Bill is convinced that he will be able to win back Brooke's heart. Bill has a reunion with Brooke on his mind, but his plans for sweeping her off of her feet are left in shambles. Meanwhile, Katie is secretly pining for Ridge and fighting the urge to follow her heart. Wyatt and Hope refuse to let all of the recent negativity get in the way of celebrating their very first Valentine's Day together.

SNEAK PEEK: Bill is on the road to ruin.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Thanks to Adrienne, Abigail ends up in an awkward situation. EJ tells Abigail their relationship is over. Abigail believes they are meant to be together. In order to help Kate out of a tight predicament, Lucas lies to Sheryl. Sheryl is impressed by Lucas' kind side. Eric tells Nicole he plans to leave the priesthood. Nicole wants to clear Eric's name because she wants to be certain he wants to be with her because he loves her, not because he is being forced to leave the priesthood. Kate, Gabi and Sami decide the games must end. When Kate refuses to let Nick pressure her into giving him a job, he introduces her to the bird watcher who saw what happened at the lake. He then reveals he has a special formula that will make millions. Will seeks advice from Marlena about Sonny. Will gives Sonny a special Valentine's Day surprise. Rafe gets an earful when he overhears a conversation between Jordan and Sheryl. Rafe and Jordan make love for the first time. Hope has a messy run-in with Aiden. Victor warns Brady that his drinking will ruin his life.

SNEEK PEEK: Brady tangles with Theresa.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: The still-enamored Morgan suggests Ava leave the Jerome family and join Sonny's side. AJ's memory about the night Connie was murdered spells bad news for Ava. While hiding the escaped Franco from the PCPD, Scott checks if Heather is still at the institution. As Nathan continues to doggedly pursue evidence against Silas, Alexis demands that Anna either charge Silas or release him. Anna has important news for the guilt-ridden Silas, and he's finally able to explain to Sam why he kept his comatose wife's will a secret from her. Meanwhile, Ava's flashbacks explain what she did the night she found the supposedly dead Connie at Metro Court and a drunken AJ at the Quartermaine estate. With family and friends by their side, those injured in Carly's rescue attempt are rushed to the ER and fight to stay alive. Ava's news to an unstable AJ about what she did for him the night of Connie's murder sends him to her grave where he imagines the dead woman has answers for him. It's Valentine's Day in Port Charles, and along with the romantic holiday comes joy between the reconciled Dante & Lulu, as well as for Felix when Lucas accepts his invitation to go out on Valentine's Day. As Valentine's Day continues, Duke's attempt to reconcile with Anna over their conflicting work ethics leads to a passionate solution. Things heat up during Molly and TJ's study date, but she wants to make their first time together a special one. With baby Ben's DNA back, Liz confronts Brit.

SNEAK PEEK: Scott and Luke are missing.

YOUNG AND RESTLES: Jill visits Billy in the hospital. When Jill asks what happened to Adam, Billy is reluctant to share any details. Jill is shocked when Colin tells her that he knows something about Katherine's music box. Tyler is stunned when Abby tells him that Mariah is joining them for breakfast. When Mariah stands them up, Tyler convinces Abby that she probably scared her off. Abby leaves for work and Tyler calls Mariah and says that he needs to see her right away. Stitch questions Kelly about sleeping with Billy. When Kelly admits that they had a one-night stand, Stitch tells her to leave Billy alone before things get out of control. Chloe assures Chelsea that Adam being gone is the best thing for her and Connor. A furious Chelsea says that she is going to be on the next flight to Paris. Kelly opens up to Lily and tells her about her son passing away and how her marriage couldn't survive. Marco's alive, thus Fen is released from prison and learns that the case has been expunged. Victoria and Nick are shocked that Victor knew that Adam was the hit-and-run driver. Avery has a tense encounter with Ian. Ian catches her off guard when he says that her anger comes from fear and asks what she is afraid of. Friends and family gather to honor Delia.

SNEEK PEEK: Victor warns Dylan.

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