Common sense on Pop-Tart 'guns,' overzealous zero tolerance

February 15, 2014 

Florida's Legislature is often described as a tool of the National Rifle Association. But a new NRA-backed bill is one of the more sensible ideas to come down the pike in years.

Remember the Maryland boy suspended from school for chewing a sweet treat into the shape of a gun? Society's overzealous reaction to certain things -- under the thoughtless adoption of zero-tolerance policies -- should not punish kids for being kids.

The NRA's so-called "Pop-Tart Bill" would prohibit punishment for schoolchildren playing with imaginary and miniature toy weapons, drawing pictures of guns and other harmless acts.

NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer labeled the legislation perfectly, saying the more appropriate name is the "Right-to-be-a-Kid Bill." Indeed. Let common sense prevail.

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