'Bradentucky' a compliment to this city, Bluegrass State

February 15, 2014 

Just finished reading the article in the Feb. 8 Bradenton Herald, "Riverwalk helping Bradenton shed 'Bradentucky' reputation." As a Kentucky resident visiting Ellenton for the winter, I'm more than just a little miffed that anyone would consider this cobbled together word to be anything but a compliment!

In fact, I challenge anyone from Bradenton to travel to Kentucky to see first hand what Kentucky has to offer. They'll need to get off the expressway system a few miles to see the good stuff, but after just one visit, the word "Bradentucky" will become a term of endearment to beautiful Bradenton.

Here are some recommendations:

Kentucky's many beautiful state parks, like the majestic Natural Bridge State Park, or the adjacent Red River Gorge area will change their minds. For those who love water, wild and scenic rivers and lakes abound throughout.

Lexington's bluegrass area and Louisville's Churchhill Downs are just plain spectacular. Spend a few nights houseboating on one of Kentucky's many beautiful lakes, like Cumberland Lake. Oh, what a relaxing experience!

Spend some time in Louisville during the Kentucky Derby, and at the same time, witness the Thunder Over Louisville celebration. Both are spectacular.

Drive all the way to Northern Kentucky where you can walk or drive over the Roebling Suspension Bridge, built by the famous engineer John Roebling, who later built the Brooklyn Bridge.

Just over the bridge in Cincinnati, visitors can stroll on a spectacular river walk on the Cincinnati Riverfront. It's beautiful!

I could go on and on here, but space is short!

Those who take the time to visit Kentucky will understand! After a week or so there, Bradenton residents will say "thank you" the next time someone calls their city "Bradentucky!"

Paul Buelterman


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