So-called national flood insurance 'reform' unsound

February 15, 2014 

Our flood insurance problems were caused by our congressional representatives who followed almost all others in the nation and voted for a bill they had not read, much less considered the consequences of.

Rep. Vern Buchanan and Sen. Bill Nelson are now making political hay trying to convince you they are working for your interests to repeal it, when they actually voted to force it upon you in the first place. It is good they realize their mistakes, but it may be too late for many who will lose their homes soon.

This is not welfare for the rich who live on the water. Floridians have paid nearly four times more in premiums than they have collected in claims in the over half century since the program was created.

A ratio of premiums to claims unheard of in other insurance, and proof positive that all of the government risk assessments about Florida are bunk.

Proximity to sea level is also a bogus threat. Last year, nationwide, tens of thousands of homes over 1,000 feet above sea level were flooded, according to FEMA.

We need flood insurance with real risk-based premiums, not the garbage our politicians have forced upon us.

David R. Kraner


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