I-75, Highway 301 tree 'farm' in Ellenton a waste of taxpayer money

February 15, 2014 

During the last several weeks there have been several hundred palm trees and other species -- yes several hundred -- planted at the intersection of U.S. Highway 301 and I-75 exit 224. They been planted on the slopes, on the flat areas and between the median of U.S. 301. It literally looks like a tree farm.

These palms, in my humble opinion, do not enhance but rather block the view of oncoming traffic. For example, when you enter the southbound lane of I-75 coming off of U.S. 301.

I hope somebody will pursue the why, how, who and justification of a horrible waste of taxpayer money. After these trees are planted they will need fertilization, palm fronds trimmed. Then there will be the added expense of trying to navigate lawn mowers in and around these trees, plus added labor to weed trim.

Do I want to see Florida as beautiful and attractive to residents and visitors? Absolutely yes!

But there are far too many other issues where money could be spent for worthy causes other than these royal and other varieties of palm trees and oak trees.

Daniel Wiggins


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