Valentine's Day destroyed by mean, empty gestures

February 14, 2014 

When did Valentine's Day turn into a mean girls competition? A quick search shows that Valentine's Day began as a religious observance and became the lover's holiday in the Middle Ages.

I was watching TV and on came an ad for Shari's Berries. This woman extols the virtues of the flavor, then says "he sent it to my office and everyone was jealous." Really? That's what you want, to make your friends and coworkers feel badly? Nice friend.

Then came the ad for flowers. Lovely arrangements grace the screen and then they start talking ... the actors, not the flowers: "He made all the other men look bad." Great, now you've not only spent twice what they'd cost any other day but you're going to get taken to task at the next office party.

"She'll be happy to show them off" -- because it isn't about small loving tokens to each other, is it?

I used to like Valentine's Day. I loved it for its goofiness. The construction paper hearts surrounded by doily edges, the little boxes of conversation hearts. The strewing around of balloons and lipstick kisses on the mirrors. The little notes tucked into pockets and drawers just waiting to be found. Making a special dinner and eating by candlelight.

I don't like it anymore. I don't like the fact that we are made to feel we must make "loving gestures" on a certain day. Gestures that are, in fact, empty because they are forced.

A day now given over to making others feel lesser than oneself, a day where kindness is kicked to the curb.

Cupid is dead. I hear he shot himself in the heart with his own arrow after watching the love and fun be replaced by smallness of heart.

Linda Lamp


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