CBO report shines light on Obamacare's failures

February 13, 2014 

If there was any lingering doubt that the liberal-progressive Democrats have lost touch with reality, the spin they've put on the latest CBO (Congressional Budget Office) report has completely erased it.

The CBO last week reported that under Obamacare, 2.5 million more people will lose their jobs, and the Democrats have the unmitigated gall to declare that it is a "liberating" aspect of Obamcare!

They contend that now people will have more "leisure time" and will be able to spend more of that time with their families and in other leisure pursuits. Implying that work is some kind of evil activity that prevents people from living a full and happy life. No mention of how they will feed, clothe and house their families, but the implication is that you, the taxpayer, will foot the bill.

Rather than "liberating" workers, Obamacare would deny them the opportunity to advance and better themselves. It would rob them of self-esteem and relegate them to a dreary life of mediocrity. It would also strengthen and expand a permanent underclass from which the cynical Democrats could gain votes by fomenting envy and class warfare.

Hopefully, Americans will see this shameful ploy for what it is, a desperate attempt to cover up for the abject failure of Obamacare, and will demand that Obama and the Democrats be held to account for the abomination they have inflicted on this country.

Donald Doherty


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