Mistrust politicians devoted to wealth, power, business

February 11, 2014 

Resist being misled by Congressman Vern Buchanan's opinion piece on Jan. 25 ("Restoring the American dream.") Now claiming to be a moderate, he has voted straight Republican 95.7 percent.

Because his father was a "working man," he claims that perspective. Not so. His worth is $100 million. His voting record proves his devotion to wealth and power, not the working man.

His use of patriotic rhetoric doesn't convince us that corporations deserve no regulation. People do not elect corporations, and they can't vote them out of office.

The proper role of government is to protect the individual from the abuses of the powerful. How would you like to buy meat that has no oversight?

Conservatives such as Buchanan distrust big government and trust corporations to manage America. With their overdone rhetoric, they want us to forget that our government originated for the greater good, not for the good of the rich and powerful. People do not elect corporations.

Proud of our tradition of self-reliance, we have banded together to create a government that provides services: good roads, dams, electrical grids, public education. Corporations utilize these services for their benefit.

We need a government that will act for the public in ways that corporations do not. The free market has no ethics and no notion of the public good. We should not entrust our governance to the free market.

Ann Stormzand


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