Concealed carry weapons would make society safer

February 10, 2014 

Mr. Sam Wade Sears thinks Mike McLeod and all of his "like-minded friends" should move to New Mexico where guns are carried openly (Letters, Feb. 3). It would, says Mr. Sears, make him feel "more comfortable!"

I don't know either Mr. McLeod or Mr. Sears, but since I agree with just about everything Mr. McLeod said, or has said in previous letters, I can imagine that Mike and I would get along just fine and neither of us would lose sleep worrying about Mr. Sears' comfort.

Whether Mr. McLeod is contemplating a move to New Mexico or not is beyond me, but as a native Floridian whose family roots reach back in Florida to the early 1800s and whose Anglo-Celtic roots go back in the South to the late 1600s, and my Native American ancestry, God only knows I'm not going anywhere!

I would support a stringent background check to obtain an "open carry" license in Florida. Decent, honest citizens carrying a properly holstered weapon that they have proved they know how to properly use could go a long way to controlling thugs who prey on otherwise defenseless people, and those sick individuals who invade malls, theaters and schools intent on killing the innocent.

John A. Holcom


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