A campaign platform for congressional candidate

February 10, 2014 

I see our own Henry Lawrence is running against Congressman Vern Buchanan. I would vote for Henry if:

1. He stops all illegal aliens from getting free Social Security benefits, free education, free housing with money for their illegal children, stops them from getting a driver's license and gives the Border Patrol more power to shut down the southern border with extreme force.

2. He will take the oath ... and mean it!

3. Supports the Constitution of the United States of America in its totality.

4. If he will help get rid of the unconstitutional "Affordable Care Act" and support state to state private healthcare insurance coverage.

5. If he will help in the investigation of why the Homeland Security is buying up all the ammo and thousands of armored vehicles.

6. If he will help stop the harassment of county sheriffs and police chiefs who sign the "oath keeper's" pledge to operate under and support the Constitution of the United States of America and refuse to uphold any unconstitutional laws made by the federal government.

7. Finally, force the issue of why Hillary Clinton refused U.S. Marine guards for our embassies and told the military to stand down and not go to Benghazi with assets only 90 minutes away. Because of Clinton's soft approach to security, we have four dead Americans and that is "what difference it makes," as she screamed at Congress.

I don't think my friend Henry can do that and I will not be voting for him. Sorry Henry, I love you, but Democrats and Progressive Republicans are destroying our country and allow the most unqualified man to ever hold the presidency to do what he wants like a crooked dictator. This country is in trouble and "we the people" are going to fight back.

Mike McLeod


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