Bradenton couple prepares for UK reality show

Crews film golfer Tony Jacklin and his wife at Bradenton golf course

mclear@bradenton.comFebruary 8, 2014 

Hall of Fame golfer Tony Jacklyn, and his wife, Astrid, are filmed Friday at the Bradenton Country Club by a UK production crew for the celebrity game show "All-Star Mr. and Mrs." PHOTO PROVIDED

One day next month, Bradenton resident Tony Jacklin will be in a TV studio while his wife, Astrid, is locked in a soundproof booth behind him.

The Hall of Fame golf pro will have to answers questions like which Dickens character he most resembles. Is he like Miss Haversham, because he has great expectations but spends his time sitting around the house all the time in the same old clothes? Or is he more like Oliver Twist, because he's honest and hard-working but always wants more?

A crew from the British reality game show "All Star Mr. and Mrs." came to Bradenton on Friday to film footage

of the Jacklins around their home, and while they were playing golf at the Bradenton Country Club. They're members of the club and their backyard borders one of the golf course's fairways.

Next week, Jacklin, a former British Open champion who has lived in Bradenton for about 15 years, will head back to his native England for a series of TV appearances, culminating in "All-Star Mr. and Mrs."

He rattles off a list of TV engagements. There's some golf commentary in England, then a quick trip to Qatar for more televised golf, and then back to England to appear on one game show, and then "All-Star Mr. and Mrs."

He's not sure what the other game show is called or when he's going to be on "All-Star Mr. and Mrs."

"My wife keeps track of that," he said. "I just show up."

"All-Star Mr. and Mrs." is a bit like the old "The Newlywed Game," in which spouses predict their partners' answers about them. Three celebrity couples compete.

"You get 5,000 pounds for your charity," Jacklin said. "And then if you win you get 30,000 pounds." (A pound is about $1.67.)

The Jacklins' charity is Rainbows Children's Hospice in England.

Tony Jacklin has done lots of television. It's pretty new for his wife.

"I stay away from the camera," she said.

But she'll be there for moral support when her husband appears on the popular game show "Countdown" next month.

Because Rainbows is so important to the couple, she said, she'll make a rare TV appearance on "All-Star Mr. and Mrs."

She's hoping her hubby will fare better than he did last year, when he appeared on "Strictly Come Dancing," the British equivalent of "Dancing With the Stars." Jacklin didn't do well at all.

"I got eliminated early," he said. "And that was a good thing. I was glad to be out of it. The training for that thing almost killed me."

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