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February 8, 2014 


The following parents are proud to announce the births of their babies:

Lakewood Ranch Medical Center

Adams, Alexander Jack, a boy to Angela and Jimmy J. Adams, North Port, Jan. 24, 2014

Hixon, Taylor Lee, a girl to Deanna and Matthew Hixon, Myakka city, Jan. 30, 2014

Manatee Memorial Hospital

Baker, Sophie Abigail, a girl to Amanda M. and Anthony J. Baker, Bradenton, Jan. 23, 2014


These couples applied for marriage licenses in Manatee County:

Wednesday, JAN. 29, 2014

Ruben Hernandez and Carmen Laura Figueroa

Donald Joseph Johnson and Jaclyn Colby Taylor

David Chan Sop and DOnata Marcelina Larias SOntay

Juan Manuel Mulero and Patricia Marie Abraham Secola

RIchard Thomas Grey and Angelica Delisle Pauley

Burton Anthony Zupa and Cheri Hisae Yarlagadda

Raymond Griffin Neal and Judith Ann Wieringa

Marcus Grant Maestre and Mallory Rae McDermid

Thursday, JAN. 30, 2014

Edward Raymond Layhew Jr. and Lisa Nichole Younger

James Elliot Dean and Sarah Rebecca Kane

Robert Lawrence Burgoon and Joanne Brooks

Friday, JAN. 31, 2014

Warren Brent Moore and Christine Patricia Sparta

Jose Ballesteros Rebolledo and Mariel Manzano

John WInton Hawkins and Sherilyn Ann Worden

Jonathon Matthew Keefer and Sandra Patricia Nino Charari

Kelly Brian Collins and Karen Miller Ballinger

Eduardo Francisco Meza Alvarez del Castillo and Roxana Gonzalez

Jason Tyler Murphy and Jahnella Yolanda Bulls

Terrence Patrick Kerr and Kathleen Jo Suereth

Monday, FEB. 3, 2014

Darryl Alonzo Mathis Jr. and Martika De'asha Brooks

Victor Richard Rudek and Rud Delia Perez Robles

Bryant Preston Larosa and Lindsay Marie Stewart

Robert Leigh Turffs and Diane Lynn Lawty

Lawrence Malakiele Ahuna and Teresa Lynette Polivchak

CHarles Leonard Collette and Doreen Jessie Thomson Wilkins

George Negrete and Marisela Meza

Deante Leshaye Hall and Alexis Lache Burno

Michael Dennis Raimon and Natasha andre Barbour

Francisco Jimenez and Ruby Garcia

Alberto Augustin and Vanessa Dominguez

Garry Keith Baker and Stefanie Marie Ben Slama

ROberto Gutierrez Gonzalez and Ginger Victoria Jade Cooper

Christopher James Freed and Sarah Jane Brown

Tuesday, FEB. 4, 2014

William Henry Edwards and Angela Marie Cegnar

Jason Estes Isaacs and Erin Danielle Olive

ANgel Gonzalez Jr. and Sarahi Hernandez

Steven Johnstone Ennis and Dominique Danielle Ness

Travis A. Van Ess and Amy Lynn Gabrielse

Nahun Alexi Santos Guerdado and Monica Linares Gonzalez


These couples filed for divorce in Manatee County:

Wednesday, JAN. 29, 2014

Iljia Kornja and Catalina Kornja

John A. Millard Jr. and Victoria A. Millard

Wayne Alan Faulconer and Julie Marie Faulconer

James M. Grow and Kristin L. Grow

Thursday, JAN. 30, 2014

Eliot P. Ford and Bridget M. Ford

Pamela Jean Fourthman and William Christopher Fourthman

Christopher Perkins and Jennifer Perkins

Sigifredo Trochez and Luz Perez-Millan

Brian A. Banks and Pamela J. Banks

Randall Spencer and Amy Spencer

Friday, JAN. 31, 2014

Derrington Abnar and Yolanda Renell Abnar

Sean Crowell and Erin Crowell

Monday, FEB. 3, 2014

Hector Luis Laboy and Dallas Tesaray Laboy

Monbenson Laurent and Suze Montrose

Charles George Terzian Jr. and Denise Rae Terzian

Tuesday, FEB. 4, 2014

Robert J. Vogel and Teresa Lynn Hanson

Joseph Francis McMahon and P)amela McMahon


The following civil suits were filed in Manatee County Circuit Court:

Wednesday, JAN. 29, 2014

Philip Manganelli vs. Mariann O'Leary et al (auto negligence)

Nancy K. Ely et al vs. Jamie W. Thompson et al (auto negligence)

Cawley Construction and Remodeling Inc. vs. Teddy W. McNeill et al (contract and indebtedness)

Branch Banking and Trust Company vs. Duane A. Howard (contract and indebtedness)

James Quigley et al vs. Hyundai Motor America Corp. (contract and indebtedness)

Bank of America NA vs. Dawna Fioretto et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company et al vs. Todd W. Smiley et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Fifth Third Mortgage company vs. Jorge A. Larin et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Nationstar Mortgage LLC vs. Scott D. Phayre et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Thursday, JAN. 30, 2014

Sean Patrick Brady vs. Charles Daniel Cole et al (auto negligence)

Kimberly Brooks vs. Bradenton Police Department et al (other civil circuit)

Robert Dvorak vs. Sprint et al (other civil circuit)

GTE Federal Credit Union vs. Richard Todd Primrose et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Bank of America NA vs. Donald R. Haywood et al (mortgage foreclosure)

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA vs. Gregory D. Turner et al (mortgage foreclosure)

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA vs. Mathea V. Houge et al (mortgage foreclosure)

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA vs. Thomas E. Fenton et al (mortgage foreclosure)

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA vs. Brian Cikra et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Friday, JAN. 31, 2014

Troy Howard et al vs. Contract Transportation System Co. et al (auto negligence)

GE Commercial FInance USD New Zealand vs. Acernus Aero Ltd. (contract and indebtedness)

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA vs. Rolando Alfonso Perez et al (mortgage foreclosure)

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA vs. Nelson Perez et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Suntrust Bank vs. Joaquin et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Citimortgage Inc. vs. Buzz E. Garwood et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Monday, FEB. 3, 2014

Maxbounty Inc. vs. Click Magnets LLC (contract and indebtedness)

Clifton Millican vs. SHowcase Autos Inc. (negligence)

Bank of America NA vs. Maura R. Dennison et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Hans Kurt Wolfhart Willimczik vs. James C. Garrison et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Bank of America NA vs. Horacio Caudillo et al (mortgage foreclosure)

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA vs. Giovanna T. Hoyt et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Tuesday, FEB. 4, 2014

Nationstar Mortgage LLC vs. Joan E. Houghton et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. Patricia G. Bielby (mortgage foreclosure)

Nationstar Mortgage LLC vs. Wilfrid Montrose (mortgage foreclosure)

Nationstar Mortgage LLC vs. Mandalay Homeowners Association Inc. et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union vs. Harold K. Nelson et al (mortgage foreclosure)

US Bank NA et al vs. Scott E. Rudacille et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. Victor Harris et al (mortgage foreclosure)

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