Senior drivers should be tested on reaction times

February 7, 2014 

It's tragic what happened at the Palmetto church on Sunday (Herald report, "Car tragedy kills 3, injures 4"). But really not surprising. I would say Florida has more senior drivers than any state.

But as a senior myself I can see what happens to your driving skills as you get older. Besides eyesight, it's reaction time response.

It might have saved a life if the vehicle had a reverse alarm. Maybe that's a thought for cars owned by seniors over a certain age. But I think most important is beside the eye test, there should be a driving test for reaction time.

What we need is an automobile simulator, kind of like the military uses to train pilots. Or to save money, set up a driving course track and test us on that.

To me you can have 20/20 vision, but if your reaction time is slow, you're going to hit the person or object even though you saw it in time.

Robert O'Neill


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