Manatee County Fair, the best one ever

February 7, 2014 

If you missed "Rocket Man" at the Manatee County Fair this year, you have my sympathy. If you have a child and missed it, you blew it. As a veteran admirer of the Manatee County Fair since 1972, even worked it one lean year, this one was the best!

Children will be talking about the Rocket Man to their grandchildren. I went back in the daytime just to photograph this gentle giant! He enchanted all wherever he wandered! His scooter alone was great attraction.

With the voice of Big Bird, the body of an 8-foot tall transformer, eyes that were mesmerizing, hands were the size of basketballs, and perfectly articulated! He charmed the smallest and shyest of every crowd he drew, making them feel they were his newest best friend. Before he moved, a wave of joy was generated that was pure magic. If he is not a student of theology, he certainly is a practitioner.

The master gardeners' plot was breathtaking; wow! The grizzly bear was terrific! The petting zoo is always a treat, and the midway was bigger, friendlier, and more colorful than ever. How many first dates can be witnessed on the midway? Priceless! And the goat show is always a jewel to be enjoyed.

Directors, put a long-term contract on the Rocket Man while we can afford him. Hats off to Dan and all for a memorable, fabulous fair!

By the way, please join us in Rubonia on March 2 as we create Manatee County's next remarkable get-together -- at the 35th Rubonia Mardi Gras!

Happy birthday, Ruby! Chicken train, ho!

Bill Costello


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