Bucs bringing in Vick makes a lot of sense

adell@bradenton.comFebruary 5, 2014 

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The Michael Vick to Tampa Bay Bucs rumor makes sense.

He is viable short-term solution who gives the Bucs time to sort out a solution at quarterback and see what they have.

And signing Vick doesn't mean the Bucs can't bring in another legitimate option to statuesque incumbent quarterback Mike Glennon -- Kirk Cousins and Josh McCown should be welcome as well.

Cousins said he believes he is ready to start and would welcome a trade.

Then there's the draft. St. Louis picks second and believe they have their quarterback in Sam Bradford.

If the Bucs can somehow trade up and get Johnny Manziel, the enthusiasm meter at Raymond James Stadium would go through the roof. The possibilities are endless.

So why does Glennon bore most fans?

He is a nice guy, smart, hard worker, tall and apparently has no ego. He is the kind of guy you would want your daughter to marry.

He's safe, won't do anything reckless. But is that what long suffering Bucs fans want at quarterback?

Unfortunately, the Bucs don't have a lot to offer in the way of draft picks -- so you have to wonder if they would part with one of their celebrated mainstays on defense.

New Tampa Bay GM Jason Licht says he like to build through the draft. That's nice, but he will find out the Bucs run a different clock than what he is used to.

Time moves faster here and patience is in short supply.

The best thing about the Vick rumors is that it shows the Bucs

are not going to stand pat at quarterback.

Take whatever the Bucs coaches say about Glennon with a grain of salt. They're not going to say he is bad, but they're not going to anoint him the starter, either.

They might need him for trade bait. They might need him to start.

They know they can do better, but are not sure at what price.

The coaching staff does not want to go into 2013 with Glennon and no viable option. Lovie Smith isn't going to play suicide with his reputation.

This is good for Vick.

Right now his top suitors are the Bucs and the Jets.

After what happened to Tim Tebow, you would think Vick wants to avoid the Rex Ryan funny farm at all costs.

Seattle's one sided Super Bowl victory gave credence to a lot of what Lovie Smith said at his inaugural Bucs press conference.

Despite the proliferation of offense that has engulfed the NFL, Smith said defense is still the way to win the NFL's ultimate prize if you can mesh it with good special teams and a difference maker at quarterback, preferably one with athletic skills.

The Bucs have one of the better defenses in the league and it's relatively young. Their special teams are just a few players away from perhaps being special.

Quarterback is different. The offensive line is different.

Vick could solve both those problems short term. So it's no surprise news surfaced that the Bucs are taking a serious look at the 33 year-old.

The Bucs need legitimate competition at quarterback.

A lot of rookie quarterbacks slump their second year after defensive coordinators have had a full off-season to decipher their weaknesses. For Glennon, it could've come quicker. The second half of his first season was not good -- and could be a glimpse of what will happen in 2014.

Vick will not be expensive and would enable the Bucs to bring in another free agent quarterback with the extra money, as well as hit the draft if they think they can get someone they like.

There has been some fear spread that obtaining Vick would be a sign of giving up on Glennon and damage his confidence. But if Glennon is too soft to fight for his job, he really doesn't deserve it. A guy like Vick offers a lot in the way of experience and athleticism, and if he can stay healthy -- which has been a problem -- he would be an invaluable commodity.

Glennon had a free ride last year. He was heralded as Greg Schiano's golden boy before he ever threw a pass.

If Vick comes to Tampa he will be able to confer daily with Tony Dungy, who took the quarterback under his wing after he got out of prison.

Bucs new offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford could help Vick avoid taking so many lethal shots and perhaps help him make it through a season without injury.

If Glennon somehow proves he is the guy all the more power to him. But if he doesn't get challenged, the ghost of Greg Schiano will continue to haunt One Buc Place.

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