Obama's State of Union speech, GOP response both lacking

February 5, 2014 

Last week I watched a distressing bit of television. Our president spoke for over an hour to a huge audience. In the audience were people who make our nation's laws -- or more accurately, should make our nation's laws.

The speaker made it plain that he will do that himself. Yet despite the speaker's demonstrated untruthfulness and proven incompetence, he was treated like a conquering hero. He never spoke for more than a minute without being interrupted by thunderous applause.

He promised once again to close Guantanamo, as if that would help defeat terrorism, despite the fact that many of those who had been released went back to the battle in leadership positions.

He touted his Affordable Care Act as a great success despite the forcing of millions to lose their health insurance and possibly being forced to pay much more for much less coverage. The actual numbers are held secret.

He will make college affordable. I sure hope this isn't like he made health care affordable.

He is going to "jump-start" the economy. He already tried that with his "shovel-ready" jobs, his "cash for clunkers," the bail-out of GM to enable it to build plants in China, and his "green energy" jobs.

He will provide skilled training so that our workers can take better jobs. What jobs?

He asserted that "climate change" was a "proven fact." Translation: carbon tax is coming.

Finally, the Republicans were given 10 minutes to respond. The charming speaker told us all about herself and her family, but had nothing to say about the fiasco that preceded her. It was as if she agreed with everything he had said.

What a distressing situation we are in.

Ken Geisinger


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