Shufflin' | Faithful tournament directors staple of the sport

February 4, 2014 

Players and fans often take for granted that there will always be a director available for every scheduled tournament. We in the Southwest Coast District have long been fortunate that dependable directors have served us well. Some other districts have not enjoyed this privilege so consistently.

Current State Tournament Director Glenn Monroe of Lakeland in the Central district oversees each of the certified directors in each district. Glenn organizes training, certifies new directors, publishes rule changes and recurring issues, even serves as director himself in several special and some ordinary scheduled tournaments each season. Some of the special ones are the red-line center-fold State-Sponsored Tournaments and the Florida Masters. He also is responsible to see that someone properly directs every scheduled tournament each season, about 300 annually in Florida.

Our Southwest Coast District has five currently certified state tournament directors. This is about average, as the PREVIEW shows on page 5, the seven districts vary from three to 10 available this season.

Among those available here are Ann Wedel, Dolores Brown, Lois Bennett, Dave Minnich and Jo Miller. Wedel and Brown take most of the responsibility as head directors at present. Wedel is from Michigan; Brown is from Indiana. Miller and Kay DeHart, both also from Indiana, are very able assistants, and Bennett of Michigan and Minnich from Pennsylvania are available if needed anytime and have served faithfully in the past.

Each of us has a finite life expectancy so a standing offer of careful training is available to able persons who wish to understudy and assist, learning on the job as it were to become a future director. Who knows, some inspired reader might someday be the state tournament director, or even a national or international director. Dolores Brown, for example, has in the past 13 years, done all of this.

Directors must know the rules, enforce them fairly and evenly, treat all with respect, encourage new players and discipline recalcitrant violators, hopefully without losing their temper, yet be able to get a good night's sleep and return the next day to face the inevitable challenges and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing some of the nicest people on the planet.

Happily, if enough qualified directors join in, each director who wants to play can do so part of the time.

Miller and DeHart have rendered yeoman quality service as assistant directors and seem to enjoy it greatly. Miller has been sssistant director often and is capable of being head director, although she does not seek this at present. Inspired applicants are welcome to seek guidance from Wedel or Brown at any tournament.

Glenn Monroe is encouraging directors to learn computer control of tournament charts but also requires that manual control be understood in case of computer difficulty.

Tournament results

• Jan. 27, FL P-18A at Betmar. Ladies Consolation: 4. Pat Batdorff. Men Main: 3. Ron Nurnberger-Larry Taylor. Consolation: 2 Jerry Stannard. FL P-18B at Hollywood. Men Main: 4. Dave Kudro-Mel Erb. Consolation: 1. John L. Brown.

• Jan. 27, at Bradenton Tropical Palms, FL A-15. Main: 1. Mike Keeping-Terry Wright, 2. Bob Kyle-Greg Marchen, 3. Jill DeBruyne-Siggy Gudzus. Consolation: 1. Gilbert Broadhead-John Mickle, 2. Joe Sciortino-Russ Spoto, 3. Don Gray-Bill Reinbolt, 4. Donna Schultz-Judy Cross.

• Jan. 30 at Palmetto, SWCD D-15 and Jan. 31 SWCD A-11 at Palmetto will finish at Palmetto on the rain date at 8:30 a.m., Feb. 20, no lunch available.

Future tournaments

• Tuesday is the second day of FL P-19 at Port Charlotte, State-Sponsored Doubles. Also Tuesday is the second day of FL A-16A at Paradise Bay and FL A-16B at Hawthorne.

• Thursday, SWCD D-16 at Bradenton, M/L Doubles Restricted to State Ams and Pros, 75 points.

• Friday at Bradenton, SWCD A-12, District Ams/Any Doubles, 16 frames or 75 points.

• Feb. 10, FL P-20A at Golf Lakes, FL P-20B at Leesburg, Open M/L Doubles.

• Tuesday, Feb. 11, FL A-17 at Golf Lakes, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles.


• Word is received that Ed Hersom, formerly of Golf Lakes, has passed away in California, less than a year after losing his beloved Ann.

• Also Jane O. Bird of Maine is coming to Trailer Estates for a few weeks in February. Health concerns have kept her off the courts this season, but she has more Florida lifetime points than most of us.

Welcome to February. Happy shuffling.

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