Change procedures to nab thieves, return property

February 3, 2014 

In a Jan. 26 letter, Eugene R. Lambert of Sarasota wrote about keeping one's doors locked and having a better description of one's jewelry. I do agree about knowing your jewelry, having pictures and securing your home.

I believe we need to change direction on how we handle the drug epidemic that is taking place in our county. Intervention equals crime prevention.

I would like the Manatee County Sheriff's Office and county commissioners to discuss an intervention program under the crime prevention program. Educate three deputies for their behavioral science degrees. There are many gifted deputies on the force who are highly qualified to work in this field.

An intervention program is intended for the parent, grandparent or guardian who had jewelry, electronics or power tools stolen from their home and it was done by a family member. When it is a family member, they have access to the home. They don't need to break in.

No criminal charges be brought but immediately the accuser be put in a detox center if it is drug related.

No waiting for a court date. Drug treatment center immediately following detox. The parent knows if it is drug related.

The items pawned would be bought back by a family member. Pawned items need to be held for 45 days at the shops.

The MCSO volunteer or deputy should give three names, with the one who pawned the item, to the victim and ask, "Were any of those three in your home? What is the relationship?" I lost two pieces but if this procedure would have been part of the requirement, I would have had them back and the person would have been picked up earlier.

This is only a stepping stone. We have a new breed in town. Functional drug addicts.

Wait until marijuana is legalized.

Elizabeth M. Sullivan

East Manatee

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