Give Affordable Care Act the opportunity to work

January 30, 2014 

I am responding to Sylvia Meyer's Jan. 23 letter "Obamacare will eventually lead to medical rationing."

It appears Sylvia Meyer does not recall some of the same predictions that were said about the Medicare Act of 1965; for instance, hospital beds and emergency rooms will be inundated with sick senior citizens, forcing most of them to go bankrupt. Today's liberals and non-liberals both benefit from the Affordable Care Act.

As for the young people's enrollment in order to successfully fund the ACA, this will only happen over time. Our young people will need to be re-educated in reducing cell phone payments and weekend entertainment into understanding paying for an affordable health insurance plan is just as important as carrying mandatory automobile insurance.

Only when we stop calling this act "Obamacare," fully understands its purpose and give it a chance to work, both liberals and non-liberals will indeed get the quality healthcare we Americans deserve and can afford.

Millard M. Surrency


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