In rebuttal to Leonard Pitts column: Obama criticism not racist but on failures

January 29, 2014 

I find it hard to like or understand Leonard Pitts of the Miami Herald. His comments in the Bradenton newspaper on Jan. 26 were offensive and racial. He has likened the entire white conservative population in the country to racial bigots.

I had a number of facts that would argue Pitts' dumb rhetoric but reading his article a third time causes me to take his remarks as those of an angry, immature man that needs to get a life.

Sir, you make little sense at all in your writing. You need to sit quietly and relax and stop being so angry. Use your writing skills to help those that you are presently inflaming with your hate.

Hopefully a different approach will help improve the situation in this land. You have an enviable position as a newspaper commentator who can be channeled to do good and positive works.

The white population helped put Mr. Obama in the White House, and then did it a second time. They are not criticizing him on the basis of his color, but solely on his inability to govern.

Paul D. Scott


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