Man kills himself while being chased by Manatee deputies in Bradenton

jdeleon@bradenton.comJanuary 28, 2014 

MANATEE — A 22-year-old man turned a gun on himself night after he was pursued by sheriff’s deputies for blocks through an otherwise quiet Bradenton neighborhood late Monday, according to the Manatee Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies were dispatched to the 4800 block of 18th Street West to conduct a follow-up investigation regarding a vehicle burglary at about 10:10 p.m. Monday, according to a news release. Upon arriving, deputies saw two people in a car with what appeared to be appeared to be prescription pills and marijuana.

A woman got out first and then later a man, identified later as Elias Guadarrama. Guadarrama ran from the scene, ignoring deputies’ commands to stop, the sheriff’s office said. A gunshot was heard and deputies continued the pursuit.

Guadarrama reportedly fired two more shots at deputies in the 4800 block of 19th Street West.

Within moments, the neighborhood was flooded with deputies as they lost sight of the suspect but continued combing the neighborhood. Neighbors came out of their homes to discover the roads being taped off and deputies ordering everyone inside.

During the chase, a resident in the 5000 block of 20th Street West told the sheriff’s office that someone was banging on his door and yelling. Another neighbor reported the suspect entering their outdoor laundry room.

Emma Jean Hammons was settled in for the night, all set to watch the evening news in her home in the 1900 block of 51st Avenue West when she heard the commotion.

“I heard the deputies come down the road, sirens screaming,” Hammons said. “Next thing I know the street was covered with deputies.”

Then Hammons and surrounding neighbors heard a single shot. She and her husband looked out the window in their home and saw Elias Guadarrama dead on the ground just a few feet away in their next door neighbor’s yard.

“The deputy came over to the window and told us to get into the bedroom,” Hammons said.

Guadarrama was ordered to show his hands by deputies but instead they say he shot himself in the head, according to the release.

Guadarrama was pronounced dead at the scene.

Dean Cummings, whose backyard is behind Hammons’ home, was taking his dogs out in front of his home as the commotion was unfolding.

A deputy called over a loudspeaker, “Everybody get back inside, the dogs are on the loose,” he said.

Cummings and his wife also heard the single gunshot.

The couple later watched as one deputy briefed the other on the events that had occurred. “It sounded to me like he was the one that was shot, unless we misunderstood,” Cummings said.

“We have three deputies that saw it,” Manatee County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Dave Bristow said. “It’s pretty clear cut what happen.”

A search of Guadarrama’s vehicle, uncovered crack cocaine, prescription pills and marijuana. Deputies also found a bag of crack cocaine in his pants pocket.

Guadarrama had arrest history that included several drug related charges and his most recent arrest was Feb. 16, 2013, on a charge of violating probation, according to the sheriff’s website.

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