Putting American rage into context reveals reasons why

January 28, 2014 

I am responding to Laurie Crawford's Jan. 19 letter to the editor. Why is the U.S. overcome with rage? Ms. Crawford, you seem to have a soft heart and a love for this country.

What has happened: we have taken God out of the school system; some people are trying to stop prayer all together in every setting they can think of; teachers are not allowed to discipline their students, and we have a president who steps all over the First and Second Amendments every day.

Christians are losing their rights and freedoms under this current administration, and the Muslim faith is given far more consideration and is allowed prayer time in our schools.

The last four presidential administrations have refused to shut down the southern border. George W. Bush locked up two good border patrol agents for taking down a drug smuggler and then tied the hands of the agents for being too aggressive in protecting our border.

All the states that have extreme gun control laws have the largest crime rates, and the states that allow for concealed carry and even open carry have far less crime.

I was on vacation in New Mexico, stopped at a Duncan Donuts, and half the people in there were openly carrying a gun. So I felt comfortable with mine. One of the women told me that because they are allowed to open carry, crime is less than 5 percent per capita.

One more thing: President Obama uses the executive order privilege far too much and outside the bounds of what it is intended for. Obama should be impeached for what he has done to this country.

All I can say is, buy more guns and ammo! Check out all of my statistics on the FBI Crime Reports and then go to www.thedarksideofillegalimmigration.com.

Mike McLeod


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