A thank you to the dedicated members of the Kirby Stewart Post 24 Honor Guard

January 26, 2014 

In an effort to thank the members of the Kirby Stewart Post 24 American Legion Honor Guard, I can think of no better platform than through the Bradenton Herald.

The Honor Guard does not solicit members, but instead relies on those who possess the qualities desired and required to express an interest for entry. The Honor Guard is very selective, accepting only military veterans who display discipline, dedication, integrity, character and a willingness to step forward to honor our comrades at their final rest. A devotion to duty is a requirement, to be a team player for the good of the Guard is of prime importance.

The Honor Guard is an ambassador not only for Kirby Stewart Post 24, but for the American Legion and the United States military. During the year 2013 we presided at 181 services. Of those, 162 were "full military honors" for our veteran "brothers" and "sisters."

It was our privilege and honor to be in attendance. We are the HONOR GUARD. We are "The Last Watch."

Drew Thomas, USAF (Ret.), Captain, Post 24 Honor GuardBradenton

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