Photo identification should be required to vote

January 26, 2014 

In the Jan. 18 paper, there is an article about Judge Bernard L. McGinley, a Democrat, striking down the need for photo ID in the state of Pennsylvania in order to vote. In essence, he stated it would suppress balloting by seniors, minorities and other Democratic leaning voters -- nothing about conservative voters.

It appears everyone is OK with producing identification in the bank, to the police, at an ATM, to get a job, et al, and presumably to get onto welfare.

Plainly by not proving that you are a registered U.S. voter, it is possible to have all sorts of improprieties -- illegal voters, double/triple voting, etc.

My reasoning is that if these folks can be rounded up and transported to the ballot box on the day of voting, they can just as easily round them up 30 days prior to voting and get them registered, or have them register themselves. As practically all these problem areas seem to be in heavily metropolitan precincts, it should be easily done.

In most civilized countries of the world you have to register to vote, and in Brazil and Australia it is obligatory. I do not know why we put up with this obvious flouting of a free and honest election in parts of the U.S.

D.W. Rooken-Smith


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