Judge sets bonds totaling $371K for Palmetto man charged with beating girlfriend, burning her daughter's face

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Brandon Jerome Randolph sits in a waiting area at the Manatee County Jail for his first appearance in Manatee County Court for attempted murder in the beating of his girlfriend and burning of her daughter.GRANT JEFFERIES/Bradenton Herald


BRADENTON -- A judge Friday set a high bond for the Palmetto man arrested after police say he beat his girlfriend and held her daughter's face down near a fire pit.

Brandon Jerome Randolph, 25, was arrested early Thursday and charged with attempted murder, attempted arson, domestic battery, aggravated assault, child abuse and violating probation.

Randolph made his first appearance in court Friday afternoon before Manatee County Judge John Lakin. He was ordered held on bonds totaling $371,000.

Randolph and his girlfriend of nine years were involved in a dispute, and after receiving several blows to the head, her daughter stood up to defend her, police said. Randolph then knocked the

daughter to the ground and held her face in a fire pit.

Moments later he went back into the house, dousing everything including his girlfriend, with gasoline and threatening to light it on fire. Instead he fled the scene and police located him hours later.

"If these allegations are true, they're horrific," Manatee County Judge John Lakin said Friday. "The bonds are set at $371,000 because they should be, given the circumstances."

Randolph was ordered to not have any sort of contact with the victims, as well. Lankin also warned Randolph that if he should make bond and violates any of the conditions of his release, bonds would be hefty, as well.

Before being dismissed, Randolph insisted he had something to say.

"I was aware of this newspaper article and it says a lot of things that didn't happen," Randolph said.

He was reminded by Lakin of his right to remain silent and that anything he said could be used against him in the case.

"This is a court proceeding, this is not a newsroom," Lakin said.

Randolph's past arrests include on charges of selling crack cocaine, armed robbery, resisting arrest, domestic battery, tampering with evidence and burglary to a structure.

He completed almost 15 months of two-year sentence prison in August 2012 for dealing cocaine, according to the Florida Department of Corrections.

Jessica De Leon, law enforcement reporter, can be reached at 941-745-7049. You can follow her on Twitter @JDeLeon1012.

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