Religion doesn't own public sphere or morality

January 24, 2014 

I give thanks to the rebuttals to my Jan. 10 letter for validating it. Instead of using the words Christianity or Islam, I will use the word religion, as they are all the same principle.

Religion doesn't own marriage. Marriage long predates the Bible as business and political contracts between families that involved property exchanged for women that were also considered property.

Religion doesn't own Christmas as most of it is secular. Take away all the non-biblical aspects of the holiday; you are left with only a nativity and three wise men and none of the fun stuff.

Religion doesn't own the sexual behavior of the public any more than the public owns any behaviors of the religious.

Our Founding Fathers may have been religious, but they also owned slaves. Does that require/allow anyone to do so nowadays? (Exodus 21:20-21) Religion orders its followers to "present the gospel message" who then violate boundaries when they impose this "message" to non-believers and the unwilling.

Religion doesn't own the public sphere. Religion ostracizes the innocent needlessly, and consequentially deserves the ostracizing it gets in return. Religion justifies discrimination, rape, murder of children, theft of land, terrorism and slavery.

Religion doesn't own the morality of the scripture. Religion is obsessed with sexuality only for the purpose of population expansion for the "job security" of itself, and ignores the consequences over population, of those imposed with forced unwanted births, and non-heterosexuals.

Religion venerates a jealous, angry, murderous and cruel dictator, is selfish, greedy, self-serving and does nothing for society that can't be done via secular means.

I am glad I don't get my morals from such an obviously immoral "source" of morality.

Gerrard Wilbur


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