Report: Justin Bieber blows wad of cash at Miami strip club

January 22, 2014 


If you haven’t had your dosage of shocking Justin Bieber news for the day, here you go: The New York Daily News reports that the alleged egg thrower/graffiti artist/wild child literally threw wads of cash away Monday night.

After visiting Mansion, the embattled pop prince visited King of Diamonds strip club celebrating friend Lil Scrappy’s 30th birthday party and was so taken with what he saw that he kept tossing out dough. Where you get $75,000 in dollar bills is probably the biggest head-scratcher. “Justin Bieber is at @KOD_miami strip club in Miami and just ordered 75K in dollar bills,” read a post on the North Miami establishment’s Twitter feed.

JB may have blended into the crowd as he was as topless as the talent, as evidenced by the young man’s Instagram photo. Granted, he has great abs, but with all he’s got going on, perhaps laying low would be a better option. Mom, where are you?

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