Struggling mom loses Medicaid

January 21, 2014 

Obamacare or ACA has already impacted my life and it is only the 17th day of the 2014 new year. My entire family lost benefits at the same time.

I have suffered from depression for many years and finally got the right medication to help me through my troubles, to be able to get a job and be productive in the work force again. Delaying my schooling because of my depression, and now that ACA has caused Medicaid to deny me and my children, I am truly at a loss for words on what do to.

I would like to see something better than ACA, something that will truly make a difference rather than take from others to such a degree that it hinders the growth of the American people.

I am a single mother living on a limited income and would like to be able to work and function with proper medication and treatment. Obamacare has wrecked this.

Please fix this, American government.

Signed, a struggling American mom.

Alisha Biggs


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