U.S. Constitution does give presidents authority to issue executive orders

January 19, 2014 

There are a lot of things sent through our emails that are far from true. In fact, I do not pass on chain emails. I find them wrong most of the time.

A lot of times I will not even read the ones that ask to be sent on to at least five people or my hair will fall out. Most of my hair is already gone, so thank you very much.

As I read the paper on Monday, there was one letter that caught my eye, so I checked on it. "Nation should not be run by presidential executive orders." The letter went on to say that it is not in the Constitution. Funny, when I checked, it is in the Constitution and I had a chain letter about this not long ago.

Richard Nixon put a freeze on prices for 90 days as inflation was rising too fast. Franklin Delano Roosevelt used it to keep track of Japanese people living in this country after we were attacked at Pearl Harbor. He used it 3,522 times in his presidency!

Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and Calvin Coolidge all used it over a thousand times each. Herbert Hoover came close with 968. Bill Clinton, 364; George Bush, 291 times; and Barack Obama, 161 executive orders so far.

Everyone agrees we have a "do nothing" Congress and all they want to do is play to their base. Trying to kill Obamacare over 40 times is crazy. I think we all know that's not happening!

Let's get a infrastructure bill going and fix our roads and put people back to work.

If someone wants to complain, try the Speaker of the House. I never realized he decides what bills are brought up and what he will not bring up. Now that is abuse of power, I think.

Harry Pierson


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