Letter of the Week, Jan. 12-18

Join new strategy to restore political power to the people

January 18, 2014 

It is becoming increasingly clear that representative democracy and unfettered capitalism is no longer working in the best interests of "We, the people."

The corrupting influence of money has smothered our democratic process.

Big corporations, by demanding the same rights as people under the Constitution, are subtly undermining the will of the people.

It is happening here. The will of the people in Manatee County do not want to see the Long Bar Pointe development go forward. Valid multiply long-term concerns far outweigh the temporary boost in the economy that another 4,000 plus residences on pristine coastal property would generate.

And yet fear of litigation, presumably from the developer's corporation demanding its "constitutional rights," has tied the hands of our elected officials.

The word "corporation" does not appear anywhere in our Constitution.

Likewise "money equals free speech," or in this case "the inability to speak," is displayed as the Sarasota Bay Estuary Program remains silent, for fear of losing funding.

There is a movement afoot, gaining momentum nationally, dealing with this pervasive cancer in our society, called www.movetoamend.org. Please check it out.

Support groups, affiliates, are sprouting up all over the country. We need to get one started here.

It is going to be a tremendous task to change but once the majority of the people understand the message, once people realize that cynicism is spiritual death, mountains can be moved.

As modern technology reshapes our world and stark realities demand our attention, we the people must become more engaged. New data capabilities may even allow us to replace representative democracy with participatory democracy.

If you are interested in helping to start an affiliate here in the Manatee-Sarasota area, please contact me at jaime.canfield@gmail.com.

Jaime Canfield


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