Grizzly bear at Manatee County Fair shows disrespect for nature

January 18, 2014 

Tonk, one of the Alaskan Grizzly bears in, "A Grizzly Experience," at the Manatee County Fair enjoys a marshmallow snack fed from the end of a long shish kebab or, "bear kebab," during a past show. Photo provided by A Grizzly Experience.

When will we ever learn? I am sickened, outraged and saddened to see A Grizzly Experience offered as entertainment and education at the Manatee County Fair!

How is it entertaining to see "the most dangerous of all bears" ( interact to commands of a trainer?

How ridiculous to offer "what to do when encountering a grizzly bear" information at the performance and then give a young child a stick with a marshmallow on it and have them feed it to the grizzly?

What do you think will happen to the captive bear when he mauls and kills his trainer?

The operative word is "think." How can we disrespect the natural world so? When will we ever learn?

Terrie Hodges


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