Rebuttal letter errs twofold: on writer's point, GOP blame

January 18, 2014 

Ms. Carol Gazell, you should read my letter again!

I did not say that Hillary Clinton was responsible for the "attack" on our Benghazi Consulate. I said that she was responsible to send help when asked for and did not. I know that is the truth. We still do not know who gave the "stand down" order, do we? I am sure they will find someone to blame eventually.

Four good men died in this attack, and nowhere in your response to my letter did you mention that fact. You put the onus on the GOP and Republicans for this tragedy. To date the families have not been satisfied with the explanations (if there were any) by this administration.

Please do not quote the New York Times; they are not very reliable lately. There evidently was a lot going on behind the scenes which we still are not privy to, and at this rate we may never know. After all, there is an election coming up in 2014 where we have a very good chance of taking back the Senate.

You and your cohorts keep blaming the Republicans for everything, including what occurred in Benghazi. Guess what, the Republicans are not in charge here -- your Democrat majority is, including the president, and we still don't know where he was when this attack took place. His so-called advisers disappeared from the scene, too.

It has been substantiated that this was a terrorist attack (and pray tell, what are al-Qaida, are they not Muslim terrorists?) and not a video being blamed so as to take the onus off those responsible despite what the press says.

Who is "twisting the facts" here?

I hope you are happy with all that is going on in this great country. I am not!

Joan Shirey

East Manatee

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