GOP stance on jobless benefits extension lacks credibility

January 17, 2014 

Unemployment insurance is not welfare. How come when you hear Republicans talk about it, they always talk about offsetting funds? A person collecting unemployment insurance must have worked the time they worked before losing their job.

Another issue you never hear Republicans talk about is the fact that all recipients of unemployment insurance are taxed on this money as earned income. All of these recipients pay more in taxes than a large number of corporations in America.

Another issue you never hear Republicans talk about is getting rid of the billions of dollars that go to oil subsidies each year. If I am not mistaken these companies make billions every year in overpriced gas prices, yet our government believes they are in need of subsidies while on the other hand people out of work have no right to receive extended unemployment insurance.

If Republicans want offsetting funds in order to extend unemployment insurance, I believe that taking the money from oil subsidies should suffice. They still will be getting billions more.

And let us remember that during all previous presidencies, when it was necessary to extend unemployment insurance, there was never an offset sought. But because this is a Democratic presidency, Republicans believe that it is the right to jack around those who are in desperate need to satisfy their ongoing belief that President Obama is not a legitimate president.

Please, remember when you go to vote that Republicans have consistently obstructed this White House from accomplishing anything in the area of producing jobs. Our infrastructure continues to crumble yet a program like the WPA or any program discussed by Democrats has been turned down by the Republican Party, yet they have been running on jobs, jobs, jobs since 2010. When will they be held accountable for not producing jobs?

Katherine J. McDonald


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