Climate change deniers continue to ignore scientific facts

January 16, 2014 

Discussion continues in the Herald about global warming, and the opposing opinions of progressives and conservatives are running true to form.

Two recent letters (Jan. 8) illustrate this: Progressive Robert Phillipoff writes a detailed letter full of facts with easily checked references. He cites a highly respected report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which summarizes studies by thousands of scientists around the world. An overwhelming percent of scientists worldwide say that not only is the climate changing, but that the change is faster than anyone predicted.

Conservative John Williamson sets up a straw man, misstating the progressive position, and then makes a series of vague, unsupported opinions. He seems to think that because the weather is currently very cold, that means that there is no global warming. This is an position that has been debunked many times, as he would know if he had read factual information on the topic.

Americans have all the facts about any topic at their fingertips. They can choose to be informed citizens, participating intelligently in the government. Or they can choose to continue in their fact-free bubbles, cleaving to ignorant ideology and swallowing the propaganda of people who have no interest in their welfare.

But reality won't go away just because you refuse to believe in it, and eventually your future will be controlled by your refusal to accept science and fact.

This country's Constitution guarantees the right of free speech. But the correctness of an opinion is not guaranteed. That's up to the person with the opinion.

Myra Jones


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