Government wastes money with certified notice when regular mail would do

January 13, 2014 

Upon going to my post office box one day, I had received a card telling me to go to the counter to pick up a "certified letter." When the clerk retrieved my certified letter, I was literally angry.

It was from Social Security simply stating my increase for 2014.

Friends had also received theirs, in regular uncertified mail. What is the reasoning for mine being sent certified while others were not?

With our government currently in so much debt and no end in sight for generations to come, isn't it a bit crazy to incur expenses of certified mail for an increase in Social Security benefits which are discussed in the news, newspapers and is simple math to figure the increase.

Also, the increase is reflected on the check/direct deposit. If the government has money for certified letters for the increase of cost-of-living expenses for Social Security, they might as well add the expense to my benefit check as I struggle to make ends meet like most families or single people do in our economy.

Billie McGowan


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