Letter of the Week, Jan. 5-11

Bradenton Housing Authority needs new board, new staff

January 10, 2014 

It's sad that all those involved in the Bradenton Housing Authority problems just seem to place the fault on everyone else.

I personally think it starts with the mayor, then to the person assigned to be the liaison person, the City Council member whose district includes the housing authority, but most of the blame should be placed on the board of directors.

How can a board hire a person they know lacks experience when there were others with experience? How can they justify his salary and the salary of those he employed?

How can they explain why every employee had use of authority automobiles, even a maintenance person that didn't do any repairs!?

I can say that the mayor only comes to that area of town when it's election time. The mayor stated once he names the board member, he's done.

It seems the mayor has an old habit once he gets what he seeks -- he's done. Yet since you appointed these people to the board of directors, I think you're also have an ongoing responsibility.

Just because a person may live in public housing, they're still equal to us all, desire better than what they're receiving, and need to hold people accountable for all their actions.

With a new year ahead of us, can we also make a brand new start with the Bradenton Housing Authority?

Starting with a new board of directors, new staff, and hopefully the people of Bradenton will realize they also need a new mayor.

Wendell Martin


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