Benghazi commentary again places blame in wrong place

January 7, 2014 

I was appalled at the commentary from the Seattle Times reprinted in Saturday's Bradenton Herald, "Lessons from Benghazi bedlam and a lack of local knowledge."

Looks as though all of you got together with the New York Times and the president on this one.

Blaming the video, again, is old hat and was already exonerated. This was a full-blown attack on our consulate led by al-Qaida renegades.

The blame lies with then Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton (the "what difference does it make" gal). The interview she gave was also appalling, and she should apologize for the remarks she made.

I am sure the questions of the families of those men who died in this tragedy have not been answered as to why their loved ones died, and why no help was sent when asked for. I wonder who was asleep at the helm, or elsewhere.

Benghazi is not going to disappear as is hoped. We, who care, will make sure of that!

Joan Shirey

East Manatee

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