Long Bar Pointe development foes should keep fighting spirit alive

January 3, 2014 

A 2013 aerial photo shows Long Bar Pointe and Sarasota Bay. TROY MORGAN/Photosfromtheair.com


For those of us opposed to the environmental debacle known as the Long Bar Pointe development, a/k/a Manatee County 13-5SR, the plan has been withdrawn, at least temporarily.

It appears that the builder, Carlos Beruff, has been unable to have any hotelier get involved with his plan. Thanks go to the media, particularly Sara Kennedy of the Bradenton Herald, for keeping us apprised of the ongoing saga.

It would have been inspiring if our planned 6,000 allies had attended the now cancelled Manatee Commission hearing on Jan. 23.

One would hope that this wonderful groundswell of environmentalists will not lose this enthusiasm and continue to devote the same time and effort to protect our rapidly dwindling vestiges of nature for our and future generations.

Skip Hannon


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